I am wondering if the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can be used with both the Nintendo Switch (obviously, it can) and my (4th generation).

The specific controller I am referring to is this one:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (front)

I have looked online for the answer to my question, and the most information I could find relating to connecting Nintendo Switch’s official wireless controllers to an Apple device were articles such as one from TechCrunch and another from AppleInsider on how to connect the Joy-Con controllers to a desktop or mobile Apple device.

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After reading the article you linked to on AppleInsider, I noticed that it says that

They will not work with iOS games, nor tvOS.

Since these controllers are not "Made for tvOS/iOS" certified, they will be unable to be used with your Apple TV. You will instead need to use a controller that is certified, like the Horipad Ultimate that is sold on the Apple Store.

You can find more compatible controllers that are sold on the Apple Store here

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    Well, that sucks. Jul 22, 2017 at 21:32
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    To everyone arriving here via Google: Send Apple feedback with this link telling them you that you want to be able to use your existing console controllers with your Apple TV. Feedback link: apple.com/feedback/appletv.html Suggested Text: Please update the Apple TV software to allow pairing with Nintendo Switch / Sony Playstation / Microsoft XBOX bluetooth controllers. There is no reason to require your customers to buy another third party controller in order to play games on Apple TV when a lot of users already have a Bluetooth enabled controller. Jan 9, 2019 at 21:03

The upcoming macOS Monterey has support for the Nintendo Pro and Joy-Cons.

The Apple engineer could not comment on future plans, so no info on support for the controllers on other platforms (tvOS, iOS and so on).


This controler is usable also under tvOS and should work with iPadOS or iOS. Simply just connect it via bluetooth.


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