I leave my iPad Mini 3 in my bathroom most of the time. If you must know, I enjoy reading my iPad while using the toilet.

I take daily showers in this bathroom. Showering produces steam and increases the humidity in the bathroom. I run the bathroom fan after showering for about 10 minutes, like one should, to remove much of the humidity.

The bathroom is very small. While I never actually spill water on my iPad, I'm sure that it is exposed to the moist air.

Can this moist air damage the iPad?

Can the moist air find its way inside of the iPad, resulting in the formation of condensation inside of the iPad? I'm sure that the iPad was not designed to have water inside of it.

The bottom line: Is it necessary to remove the iPad from the bathroom every time that I shower?

  • Ummm ... don't leave it in the bathroom when you shower? Water and iPads don't mix. There will be that one time when it does get splashed, or drop into the toilet, or fly into the shower when you are in it. Things happen. Its worth a few seconds to leave it outside the bathroom door (unless you worry it'll disappear while you're showering.) – IconDaemon Jul 20 '17 at 17:31

I take shower while my electronics are in the bathroom, and I've never had a problem. I also don't do any what I've said below.

There's not an verifiable easy way (for me at least) to answer this question with proof. If you'd like to minimize the likelihood of moisture damage and you don't want to remove the iPad from the bathroom (or you can't) there are a three things I can think of that might help:

  • Plug something into the headphone jack. Tt's what's most likely to cause a failure in the iPad from moisture.

  • Placing the iPad close (but not on) to the floor. The warm, moist air from the shower will collect at near the ceiling first.

  • Avoid rapid temperature shifts when leaving the bathroom. If the iPad does have some moist air trapped, the shift to a cooler area will cause the moisture in the air to condense into liquid water.

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