I'm sysadmin for a small company; my users are on 10.6.8 (iMacs) and do not have admin rights for various reasons. The only times this is annoying is when a print job jams or otherwise does not go through, and the user can handle the issue, but I have to come by and type admin credentials to "Resume" the printer.

Is there an easy enough way to grant standard users rights to the Print Managers/Admin group?


You can grant users partial admin rights (printers only) by making them members of the _lpadmin group. This is a hidden system group, so it doesn't appear in the Accounts preference pane; you have to grant membership from the command line (as a real admin). You can do this for an individual user:

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -a fred _lpadmin

or just add everyone:

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -t group -a everyone _lpadmin

BTW, membership in _lpadmin grants both the ability to manage queues, and also configure printer settings; if you just want to grant queue management (e.g. resuming queues), I believe you can do that by adding people to _lpoperator instead.


For 10.5.8 there was solution involving Terminal. Try it and tell us if it will work.

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