I'm trying to add an HTML E-Mail signature to Outlook 2016 for macOS. The method that got me closest to my goal is documented here:


This approach works perfect when I add the signature in Outlook Web Access (owa). As to say the recipient sees the signature formatted as intended and the image is downloaded from a external server. Also the message shows no attachment clip in the inbox of whatever E-Mail client.

But when I add the signature to Outlook for Mac (Version 15.36) the embedded image is being downloaded before sending a E-Mail and gets included as an attachment. So the message does show an attachment clip in the inbox of whatever E-Mail client.

Does anybody experience same issues? Has someone found a solution/work around?

  • I've stumbled across an app called ThunderWiz on the Mac App Sotre for managing more than 1 signature. Haven't tried HTML formatted signatures yet but I can't see why it wouldn't handle it: apple.co/2KHStCe
    – ATV
    Commented Jul 3, 2018 at 6:44

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Outlook works best with a restricted version of HTML for the signature, so if you can't use the webmail signature generator and copy / paste that into your Mac Outlook - look for a third party tool to assist.

One that works well is this utility from the App Store. It fixes the problem with Outlook breaking HTML signature. Costs about USD 3 though but for me it's worth it.

HTML Email Signature for Outlook - Daniel Caspi

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