I keep ending up with a myriad of open tabs in Chrome. It is a pain to switch between them compared to switching between regular mac apps.

So I would like be able to

  • pin them to the task bar
  • identify them using their favicon (task bar / ⌘ + TAB)
  • always open them in a separate window

Just like it appears to be possible on windows: https://www.howtogeek.com/141431/how-to-turn-web-apps-into-first-class-desktop-citizens/

I am looking for a solution with Chrome. But if there's a solution with another browser I may even consider switching...

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Just found an awesome and apparently free solution: https://applicationize.me

It creates a chrome extension for your webapp, which enables you to launch the webapp just like a desktop app.

  • doesnt work on macOS high sierra anymore. – David Vielhuber Apr 4 at 20:38


  • type chrome://flags in Chrome’s address bar.
  • Change/set the following flag settings:

    1. The new bookmark app system
    2. Allow hosted apps to be opened in windows
    3. Creation of app shims for hosted apps on Mac
    4. Quit notification for hosted apps

    So, they look like this: enter image description here


  • Restart Chrome
  • Navigate to the page you want to run/launch as a Web Application (e.g. https://www.gmail.com)
  • Restart the Chrome (in the bottom of the page)
  • Click on the hamburger/'three dots menu' button in the top far right of Chrome.
    • Select 'More Tools'
    • 'Add to Applications…' or 'Create Shortcut...' (has changed over versions)
    • A small window will pop up - make changes to the Title as you like
    • Check/Tick 'Open in (Separate) Window'


  • The shortcut will actually be a '.app' folder with all the usually files an subfolders, like any Mac Application and...
  • the Shortcut/Dockable Icon should appear in your "User Applications" or the 'Chrome Apps' Folder within that folder:
    • EITHER '/Users/<your username>/Applications/Chrome Apps'
    • OR '/Users/<your username>/Applications/Chrome Apps'
  • Move or Copy the shortcut anyway you want, including dragging to the Mac Dock

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