I had 2 accounts configured on my Mac, iCloud (mail / calendar / contacts disabled) and Google (calendar / contacts enabled). Starting from some point, no idea when it started happening and what triggered it, all birthdays were duplicated in "Birthday" Calendar. Today I've got annoyed by this and completely deleted Google account from my Mac, which removed one set of birthdays from Calendar, but only one, second set of birthdays is still visible in "Birthdays" calendar on my Mac.

Now there is only iCloud account left, Calendar / Contacts are disabled there. In preferences of both of Calendar / Contacts I can see my iCloud account, but it's disabled in both places. Contacts.app is empty, there is just "All contacts" section on the left site without any contacts in it. No appointments in Calendar.app as well, but I still see birthdays of all my Google accounts. Tried to disable "Show birthdays calendar" and enable it again - birthdays are still there. Tried to delete everything in ~/Library, ~/Library/Cache and ~/Library/Preferences which has something with Calendar or iCal in its' name, started Calendar.app - birthdays are still there.

I've even checked iCloud Web UI, there are no birthdays, no appointments, no contacts, so cloud part is completely empty, means birthdays are cached / stored somewhere on my Mac, so, the question is where they are cached / stored and how to remove them?

  • Similar to apple.stackexchange.com/questions/203185/… and linked issues, but looks a bit different, because I've deleted account and birthdays stayed, even if there are no contacts anymore. – Alexey Jul 14 '17 at 15:09
  • Not the answer yet, just checking... Click Calendar button in the top left corner to make list of calendars visible (if it is not yet visible). Then click on any birthday in the calendar. It shall make active calendar which contains this birthday. Then right click that calendar to Get Info and see who is provider of the information. Let's see if you can find anything useful there. And then let's search for the solution further. – Denis Rasulev Jul 15 '17 at 6:49
  • It selects "Birthdays", "Get Info" on "Birthdays" calendar tells me "This calendar automatically displays birthdays listed in your contacts". But hey, after I deleted my Google account, I have no contacts at all! That's why I called they "phantom". – Alexey Jul 17 '17 at 7:42

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