After reading a couple helpful threads on this forum, I was able to figure out why my Mac started being non-responsive despite having 32GB of RAM, and almost nothing open. Despite using only 4GB-ish of RAM for applications, my Mac had almost 28GB of cached files. Since the system stops being responsive once it hits that point, I decided to take this PrintScreen a bit before I run out. How do I clear the cached files from RAM, to make sure I don't run out of memory when I'm using practically nothing?

p.s., I have more than 1TB of available HDD space-- so it's not failing to store swap files.

enter image description here Memory usage

  • What is your computer’s uptime? It might be time for a restart to discard or save those files... – NoahL Jul 13 '17 at 1:24
  • Uptime was about 4 days. How do I find out what "those files" are, and how can I discard or save them? – user246165 Jul 13 '17 at 13:14

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