I've seen a lot of questions about adding a smart card login to a Mac, but my problem is the opposite.

I have a company smart card that I use on my personal computer sometimes for checking webmail and such. However, at some point I must have done some Keychain stuff with it inserted into the USB reader, because ever since it requires me to insert the smart card and enter its pin in order to unlock my lock screen or to approve software installs and updates.

Note: I can Switch Users and login normally to those accounts.

I don't want to mess up my keychain, so I'm hoping someone can tell me what I need to do to bring things back to normal so I can manage my personal computer with just my personal credentials.


Use sc_auth unpair …

This worked for me:

/usr/sbin/sc_auth unpair -u [username]

The sc_auth command…

sc_auth configures a local user account to permit authentication using a supported smart card. Authentication is via asymmetric key (also known as public-key) encryption. sc_auth works with signing keys, but not encryption keys.

…with the option unpair:

unpair Remove association with a user and keychain. If no specific hash is provided, all associations with a user are removed.

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