Whenever I restart my Mac, I'm first required to sign in with my Apple ID and after that the Mac (local) account and password. It's sort of a two-step process and I don't remember where I may have accidentally configured this setting, which is really annoying right now.

How do I turn off the Apple ID sign in, so I'm only required to log into to my MacBook using my local user account?


You could try this to disassociate your Apple ID password from login:

To Stop Using an iCloud Password to Login to a Mac:

  • Go to the  Menu and choose System Preferences (alternatively use LaunchPad or Spotlight to search for System Preferences
  • Choose Users & Groups and select the primary Mac login that you want to disassociate the iCloud password and for which you wish to use a unique separate password
  • Click the Change Password... button next to the user name
  • At the prompt "Do you want to change your iCloud password, or stop using your iCloud password to unlock this Mac and create a separate password?" – choose "Use Separate Password…"
  • Set and confirm the new password and close out of System Preferences when finished

Now when the user is logging into macOS, a separate account password will be used rather than the iCloud and Apple ID account password. This setting is specific to individual user accounts.

Source and further reading: OSX Daily

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