I'm trying to make my own colorscheme in Vim, but are struggling to see the available colors in iTerm. Here are my iTerm-color-settings:

enter image description here

Here's how I can use it in Vim (for example using ctermfg=darkred):

iTerm color       Vim-color
Normal-red        darkred
Bright-red        red 

Normal-blue       blue
Bright-blue       lightblue

So it appears to me, that Vim has both

'darkred'   'red'   and   'lightred'

... But as you can see, then sometimes the 'Normal'-color is the Vim-dark-color, and sometimes the it's just the regular color. Is there a reason for that? And are there a system for it, or how does Vim know which color in iTerm to use?

I don't know, if it's of any help, but if I edit an .itermcolors-file, then the colors look like this:

<key>Ansi 1 Color</key>
    <key>Blue Component</key>
    <key>Green Component</key>
    <key>Red Component</key>
  • I can see, by writing :help cterm-colors that there's an explanation of the 16 available colors. It seems that blue and lightblue refers to the same thing. So some of the colors points to the same ANSI-color. – Zeth Jul 2 '17 at 11:39

By writing :help cterm-colors in Vim, then I got the left side of the following table. By trial-and-error, I tried out different colors from iTerm and figured out the following (ready to be copied into a .vim-colorscheme to help remember what is what:

" 0 =     Black                     - iTerm-ref: Black, normal
" 1 =     DarkBlue                  - iTerm-ref: Blue, normal
" 2 =     DarkGreen                 - iTerm-ref: Green, normal
" 3 =     DarkCyan                  - iTerm-ref: Cyan, normal 
" 4 =     DarkRed                   - iTerm-ref: Red, normal
" 5 =     DarkMagenta               - iTerm-ref: Magenta, normal
" 6 =     Brown, DarkYellow         - iTerm-ref: ??
" 7 =     Grey                      - iTerm-ref: ??
" 8 =     DarkGrey                  - iTerm-ref: ??
" 9 =     Blue, LightBlue           - iTerm-ref: Blue, bright
" 10 =    Green, LightGreen         - iTerm-ref: Green, bright
" 11 =    Cyan, LightCyan           - iTerm-ref: Cyan, bright
" 12 =    Red, LightRed             - iTerm-ref: Red, bright
" 13 =    Magenta, LightMagenta     - iTerm-ref: Magenta, bright
" 14 =    Yellow, LightYellow       - iTerm-ref: Yellow, bright
" 15 =    White                     - iTerm-ref: White, bright 

The colors with question-marks are unable to be changed (unless I'm blind or something).

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