I have configured the macOS' native VPN to connect from location (a) to location (b), and now I would like to access the Thecus file storage server I have at location (b).

Accordingly, pressing cmdK in Finder and typing: cifs://192.168.x.x <-- server IP here.

to access the server I cannot connect, it just keeps trying to connect. Connecting from home it works, just not from one office to the other.

How can I get this to work? I have even tried afp://

Both endpoints are Mac devices if that helps.

Interestingly, both locations are on the same sub-net (192.168.X).

Is there a way to overcome this? I have a feeling that I may have to change the subnet of one of the offices.


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Use smb:// for file shares and vnc:// for screen shares. I’ve not had good success with cifs:// and Finder.

If smb fails, check for open ports using network utility and look at the console on Mac and error log on the server/Linux/pc side. Network utility will show you if you have an ip / network conflict. The vpn possibly can’t route any traffic correctly if both non-routable networks conflict. Either the local or remote will have to change NAT range or move to IPv6.

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