I see that it's possible to password protect specific notes

I wonder if this can be done automatically to new notes so that I don't need to do it every time, if I want encrypted notes

Is it possible to lock all notes, and automatically lock new notes, on Notes app?

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No, you can't set all notes to be locked. But that doesn't mean they're not all encrypted.

If you scroll ALL the way down in Passcode settings (if you have a passcode), you'll see a little line of text that says Data protection is enabled.

That means everything on your device is encrypted with your passcode. That's why Apple can't unlock it for you - it's silently encrypted.

Therefore, all your notes (if you have a passcode) are already encrypted. Adding a lock is an extra layer, but you can't add a lock automatically.

If you'd like notes to automatically lock, feel free to send apple some feedback at apple.com/feedback

  • i assume you know there is a company from israel that sells the devices that unlocks the locked iphones (pressumably eg to governments eg when police gets your iphone etc) so master password = no password. tell me if i am wrong.
    – luky
    Nov 27, 2021 at 19:05

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