Understand that some people managed to resolve the "stuck at Recovery Mode" by installing back the iOS 11.

Would someone walk me through the steps in some detail the process of how to do this?


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Solved it with the following steps

  • Manually download the IPSW file corresponding to your iPhone model via the links found on Reddit.
  • Connect iPhone to Mac/PC
  • In iTunes, select the phone and click on "Upgrade" with either Opt/Alt (Mac) or Shift (PC) pressed, then select the IPSW file you've just downloaded
  • Installation will start and you will be back at iOS 11.
  • CAUTION - today the reddit links look like legitimate apple download links. I prefer to get the downloads from Apple's web site directly - so use caution when downloading software - even beta software to be sure it's legitimate and properly signed/unadulterated.
    – bmike
    Jun 28, 2017 at 14:32

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