When I hold my apps down the x does not appear where I can delete apps or move them around I have an iPhone 6s

  • have you tried this with multiple apps? I get this same behavior but with only a few apps. Most work fine. – jmh Jun 27 '17 at 4:21

You should either hold your thumb on the app(s) firmer or softer. What happens when you do it now?

If it opens a menu with options or simply a menu that allows you to share the app, you're pushing too hard and actually doing Force Touch.

If it just sort of wiggles but the X doesn't show up and everything stands still again when you release, then you're not pushing enough and it's just not doing anything.

Best of luck.


Additionally: Apple's own and preinstalled Apps like Mail, Safari, etc cannot be deleted. I personally solved this by just shoving them over to a screen in the very back so they're out of my sight.

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