This question is related to this one : Mac (OS X 10.9.2) no longer saving screen shots

If I use only cmdshift it works as expected, a new image is created on my desktop. If I only want to copy it to the clipboard in order to paste it later into Photoshop or a Google Drive Document : I hear the sound but nothing append when I paste it (using cmdV) . I'm using Sierra 10.12, I'm new on macOS so that's maybe a stupid thing, the options "copy to clipboard" is checked in the system pref :

enter image description here

Any Idea how to solve it ?

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What key combo did you use for capture to clipboard? I just tried it and it worked fine. I'm running Sierra too. I used control-shift-command-3 as my keys and then pasted into Notes. All went as expected. I had same setting in system pref keyboard as you showed. Also make sure that wherever you are pasting it accepts image files.

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