I use on AppleTV and iOS the podcast app weekly. In headlines there were sad news about privacy Apple is going to let podcast creators — and advertisers — see what listeners actually like:

A new version of Apple’s podcast app will provide basic analytics to podcast creators, giving them the ability to see when podcast listeners play individual episodes, and — crucially — what part of individual episodes they listen to, which parts they skip over and when they bail out of an episode.

The reason all of that is important is that up until now, Apple has provided almost no data at all about podcast listening behavior — just the fact that someone has downloaded an individual episode.

How to opt-out of the data collection? Is there no other way than change Podcast client?

  • Let’s make a new thread for software recommendations. Tacking that on as a follow on question makes this too broad. Also, if you are asking about the beta feature, please edit that into the question. I’m not aware of a change in policy yet for the shipping versions of iOS or Apple TV but could be mistaken.
    – bmike
    Jun 24, 2017 at 17:23

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This only affects iOS11 which is currently in beta (actually, only beta 2 has been released at this time).

We don't know if Apple will allow users to opt-out of this type of info-sharing with podcasters in the final shipping version of the OS.

The answer, for now, is no, you can't opt-out of this info sharing. When the final version is shipped, this answer should be updated.

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    I should point out that even if Apple doesn't provide an opt-out option, the data will not identify individual users. Data will be presented in such a way that it's nothing more than raw numbers, percentages, timelines, etc. For example, there is no way to identify that a particular user always listens to a politics podcast every Monday morning and in doing so always skips the ads. It'll be more like, 13% of users who download your politics podcast listen to it on Monday mornings and so on and that 22% skip the ads and so on, and that 93% of users stop listening two mins before the end.
    – Monomeeth
    Jun 24, 2017 at 23:26

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