I use the most recent version of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection [v8.0.40] to connect to my Windows PC at work. When the connection establishes on the Windows 10 environment, Mac's keyboard layout doesn't work. Thus I have to use different combinations of the keys to work on the remote desktop. It is very annoying as I am very much used to using command instead of ctrl and could not remap my keyboard layout. Is there anyone who can suggest a fix?

The previous versions of RDC app were working fine and I Mac's Keyboard layout was operating well on Windows platform. Following is a list of details on my two devices:

The remote Windows: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586

Mac OS: 10.12.5

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There are currently two versions of RDC available; release 8.0.xx & beta 8.2.xx - If one doesn't behave as you'd expect, I'd try the other.

Beta from Microsoft Technet blog

More specifically, the Release version has always made you switch to using Windows standard Ctrl ⌃ C X V etc
The Beta allows you to use Cmd ⌘ C X V & even though still a beta, is actually better in many respects.

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