In Linux, when I installed the open-source Chromium Browser I was able to run it from the command line using chromium-browser with several useful options (such as specifying a proxy). I've switched to using a Mac and would like to do the same, but I get Unknown command 'chromium-browser'.

How would I go about setting this up on a Mac?


To open Chromium from the CLI use

  • open -a chromium
  • open -a /Applications/Chromium.app/Contents/MacOS/Chromium
  • open /Applications/Chromium.app (or the respective path to Chromium.app)
  • /Applications/Chromium.app/Contents/MacOS/Chromium #usually with some errors (e.g. "Error in event handler..." or some adm_helpers.cc/service_manager.cc errors)

Comprehensive list of command line switches:

List of Chromium Command Line Switches

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