I have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Touch Bar shows default buttons for brightness, volume, play/pause, etc.

I know there is the option to add applications to the shortcut bar in system settings to have the function keys F1F12 on the Touch Bar, but I want them ALWAYS.

I need them for programming (and I'm lazy and don't want to change my behaviour — imho it is part of the job of my computer to adapt to me, not the other way around) and so I have added PHPStorm to the apps, showing F1

The problem is, when I'm in my browser, calendar etc. Play, etc. is showing. So I never know whether I have to push Fn or not to pause the music.

Is there any way to make the display of the Touch Bar consistent?
And consistently showing F1F12?

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You can only do that: How to use function keys on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

For some apps, you can make the function keys display permanently in Touch Bar:

  1. In System Preferences, choose Keyboard.
  2. Click Shortcuts.
  3. From the left sidebar, select Function Keys.
  4. Click the “+” symbol, then navigate to the app and select it.

Now when you open or switch to this app, Touch Bar always displays the function keys.

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