I see a reference showing the shortcut to be Ctl-Shift-I : but it is not working on Excel for Mac 2015


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Is there any working shortcut for this?


Just tested command shift + and control shift + on excel 2016 on a mac - both add a row as long as the row is selected.

If the row is not selected then it will shift the cells down in that row.

For Excel 2011, then control i works to add a row if the row is selected, if only a cell is selected then it brings up the insert cell dialogue. In excel 2011 command i does italic.

For command-shift-i this does italic on the selected row - the version using control does not work (excel 2106).

That website has information that appears out of date.

  • Command-Shift-+ does in fact work. That is not a combination mentioned in the docs. Thanks . – javadba Jun 21 '17 at 16:45
  • I sent a message to that site - they still insist that ctrl i adds a row when all it does is toggle italic.... perhaps they should test it in excel and see... – Solar Mike Jun 21 '17 at 18:52

Try command-shift-i instead of control-shift-i. Ctl key is usually used on a windows machine and many of the comparable commands on Macs use the command key.

  • I tried all sorts of combinations - that was one of the first ones. That one just turns to Italics – javadba Jun 21 '17 at 4:21

Because 'Rows' under 'Insert' is a unique menu item in Excel, a MacOS keyboard shortcut can be created for it.

  • Keyboard control panel > Shortcuts tab > App Shortcuts
  • Click '+' to add a shortcut
  • App: Excel
  • Menu title: Rows
  • Keyboard shortcut: invent one that doesn't conflict with other apps or menus.

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