The classical Command + F1 does not work to do screen mirroring macs with the touch bar running Sierra.

Also, although in the System Preferences I have "Show mirroring options..." enabled, the option still does not appear in the menu when I'm connected to an external screen with VGA.

Thus I have to every time go through: Open System Preferences -> Select Display -> Select Arrangement -> Click on Checkbox. This is horrible.

In the absence of the old shortcut, what's the fastest way to enable mirroring?

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Have you tried Command–Brightness Down?

Similar question is here

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    ah. this does work. it still is a bit too tedious since the brightness down button is not always visible. so you have first to expand the action buttons, and then it works with Command-Brightness-Down. good call. Jun 16, 2017 at 15:23

Just for reference here.

Another thing that I tried, and which (depending on your touch-bar configuration) could be even faster than the Command-Decrease Brightness shortcut is a menu-bar app called Display Menu:


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