In order to change an iTunes store (switch to another country) I need to cancel my Apple Music subscription. I knew that, but what I didn't know is that after cancelling it I have to wait till the paid period ends, even though I don't care and would like to change the store right now.

But okay, that's water under the bridge, and soon this period will end. However, I have a paid iCloud Storage Plan as well. Should it be reset to default 5 GB as well in order to switch between iTunes stores?

I mean, if after my current Apple Music paid period will finally vanish, is it possible that iTunes will ask me to cancel iCloud Storage Plan too, and then I'll have to wait till the end of its paid period as well? So I better to reset it to default 5 GB right now?

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Well, I contacted Apple Support, and they told me this:

If you have an iCloud Storage subscription, you need to downgrade your active storage subscription to its original before you change your country or region.

So I did.

However, I am not sure if it was really necessary (because there was no red label about this in country settings like it was with Apple Music), but I didn't want to sacrifice one more month of waiting for that experiment. This is why I don't mark this answer as an accepted solution for the original question.

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