I've prepared a checklist for air travel with our two kids. Currently everything is ticked but I want to reset it for our next trip. Is there a way to untick everything in one go, or do I have to first go untick every item manually?


You can uncheck checked items in the iOS Notes app using the following hack.

1. Select the checklist of items you want to be unchecked.(This can include either checked or unchecked items.)

2. Remove the check-mark format. (After doing this, the items should remain selected, which is good.)

3. Add the check-mark format to the selected items.

4. Deselect the items.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a more elegant way to do this, but at least it works.


⌘ CommandA then ⇧ Shift ⌘ CommandU

  • Was asking for iOS, but this seems to work on Mac. So at least this is a decent workaround. – Nic Cottrell Mar 26 at 9:23

"Select all" text in the list/note. Right-click and choose "mark as checked". Click it again to "mark as unchecked".

  • Thanks! This is the best answer for working on a Mac desktop, which is what I was looking for! @EJ-Mak answer works for iOS Notes, too, however, doesn't work well with a mixed list (with and without checkmarks). Michelle York's answer works with desktop, and works well with a mixed list (regular body, bulleted, checkboxes, etc.). – Gavin Anderson May 10 at 19:06

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