I am encountering a weird issue regarding the Wi-Fi speeds on my (Apple Refurbished) Macbook 15" Mid-2015. On my home network, sometimes the wifi speeds would be extremely slow. I ran "ping google.com" in terminal and the ping times are >1000ms. The weird thing is that this rarely happens on my school network, only when it is connected to my home network is when this issue begins to arise.

Solutions attempted -

  • Switching between 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks. Issue still persists.
  • Deleting a .plist file which stores wifi configuration information. Issue still persists.
  • Removing the Wi-Fi service in system preferences and added it back in. Issue still persists.

I have also tested if the problem exists on a ethernet connection, and it does not happen on it. Other Wi-Fi connected devices on the network never had this problem, even my old macbook didn't seem to have it aswell.

Macbook Specs -

  • Intel Core i7 2.8Ghz

  • 16GB 1600Mhz DDR3

  • 1TB Flash Storage

  • Intel Iris and AMD graphics.

  • OSX Sierra 10.12.5

I might go to the apple store and see if it can be fixed there since it is still under warrenty.


  • What kind of router do you have at home? If the speeds are fine at school, the laptop is probably not the issue. – William T Froggard Jun 11 '17 at 3:58
  • @WilliamTFroggard Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Gigabit Wifi Router – mclarence Jun 11 '17 at 4:00
  • Seems like a solid router. Do you live in a large metropolitan area? Sometimes wifi throughput can be higher or lower depending on congestion from other wifi networks nearby. – William T Froggard Jun 11 '17 at 4:02
  • @WilliamTFroggard I currently live in a small suburb. Here is the list of other wi-fi networks surrounding me at the moment: Here – mclarence Jun 11 '17 at 4:10
  • You can try manually changing channels on your router, and see if that helps things any. For the 2.4GHz band, you should only use channels 1, 6 and 11 (and if you happen to go to Japan, channel 14). You can try any channels on the 5GHz band. – William T Froggard Jun 11 '17 at 4:52

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