I have a FreeNAS server, with an SMB share and "Windows" dataset. I am consolidating data, including Apple Photos libraries onto the FreeNAS server. However, as I copy the libraries off of the HFS+ formatted Drobos using rsync, I get all kinds of error messages.

The rsync command I used:

sudo rsync -vaE --progress /Volumes/SourceName /Volumes/DestinationName

Error type 1 (hundreds, if not thousands of these):

copyfile(Unfiled/Backup of iPhoto/Consolidated iPhoto Library/Database/Folders/.._390C4171-0F85-427D-972C-B36A8A0BBC4D.apfolder.MxAS1I,Unfiled/Backup of iPhoto/Consolidated iPhoto Library/Database/Folders/390C4171-0F85-427D-972C-B36A8A0BBC4D.apfolder, COPYFILE_UNPACK) failed:45

Error type 2 (hundreds, if not thousands of these):

rsync: mkstemp "/Volumes/Archive/Drobo Gen 3/Unfiled/Restored iPhoto/Consolidated iPhoto Library/iLifeShared/.._ApertureDatabaseTimestamp.XLAzek" failed: No such file or directory (2)

My research suggests that Photo libraries require an HFS+ file system to work correctly, so it would seem that I would need to create a separate ZFS dataset of share type "Mac" and share via AFP. Is this what I need to do to properly store and serve Photo libraries from my FreeNAS server?

Or, do the error messages above suggest some other problem?

BTW, I have already run a full volume Disk Repair on the source and there are no issues found.

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