I use a slightly weird setup where I will connect from my Mac laptop to a linux machine, using ssh -X, and from there connect to a Windows machine using rdesktop. This works just fine, but whenever I update Mac OS (even minor upgrades), I find I have to re-install XQuartz. If I don't, rdesktop fails with the message ERROR: Failed to open display:. After I re-install XQuartz, it works as expected (no reboot or log out or anything, just opening a new connection with ssh -X).

Is there a way I can avoid having to reinstall XQuartz all the time? It gets a little annoying.

  • It happens to me as well. Evertytime I update macOS Sierra I have to reinstall XQuartz. Have you reinstalled yours yet? In case no, it might be worthwhile reporting a bug at their website. I plan to do that next time I updated my macOS. – thiagoveloso Jun 6 '17 at 3:52

Not really - the tool is one that's very command line - run and bind against the specific OS that it's installed in.

I realize this may not be the answer you like, but I'm actually floored it keeps working as long as it has. Here's to hoping this is our main complaint on this tool.

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