It seems USB Prober.app is no longer a part of Xcode, and iOUSBFamily hasn't been updated since 10.9.4... is there anything equivalent available for High Sierra?

  • The debug/dev build of the kernel includes kexts and symbols with logging, if anyone is looking for this. – kumowoon1025 Jan 18 '19 at 1:29

It is directly integrated within System Profiler:


Which /Applications/Utilities/System Information.app will use to display under the branch:

Hardware > USB

Just in case someone lands here in search for a updated version of USB Prober.app: I've found the one within the iOUSBFamily for 10.9.4 (referenced above) still works in Mojave (10.14.6) and since there has been no 32bit Warning from Mojave when i started it there is a good chance it will still launch in Catalina (10.15) which has just been released.



  • USB UUIDs are information is not listed in either the System Profiler or $ system_profiler.

  • USB Prober.app no longer comes with XCode

  • $ instruments (which comes with XCode and requires a developer account) lists UUIDs but not for actively connected USB devices.

  • ideviceinstaller wasn't able to install via $ brew install ideviceinstaller

  • iOSUSBFamily has been deprecated since 10.9 (or possibly 10.14)

  • Most of these solutions require XCode (~10Gb!) and an Apple Developer account - overkill for scanning USB


I ended up installing Virtualbox then issuing the command:

$ VBoxManage list usbhost

This produced a super detailed list of USB devices and their properties:


UUID:               b28dd789-a88b-4a21-9dbb-e9398a79c0f1
VendorId:           0x05ac (05AC)
ProductId:          0x027a (027A)
Revision:           9.19 (0919)
Port:               5
USB version/speed:  0/High
Manufacturer:       Apple Inc.
Product:            Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
SerialNumber:       FM7852303J9HYMLAP+EDL
Address:            p=0x027a;v=0x05ac;s=0x0000161b9a5e0c32;l=0x80500000
Current State:      Unavailable

Installing a virtualizer is still overkill for this but VirtualBox is much smaller than XCode and doesn't require an Apple Developer account, plus it works on Linux and Windows.

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