Mac's caffeinate tool accepts the name of a utility: caffeinate sleep 1, for instance. Is there any way for it to accept a function as well? For example:

function mysleep {
  sleep 2

caffeinate mysleep    # mysleep: No such file or directory

caffeinate launches executables. However, shell functions exist only within the shell. Shell functions are not executables.

Workaround: call bash directly

This works best for one-liners and simple commands.

caffeinate bash -c 'sleep 2'

Multi-liners work too:

caffeinate bash <<EOF
  sleep 2
  echo "done :D"

Workaround: call a script instead of a function

Instead of doing your work inside a function, split it out into a separate script:

caffeinate mysleep.sh
# mysleep.sh
sleep 2

Per the man page:

caffeinate -- prevent the system from sleeping on behalf of a utility

A function is not a utility as a utility will have a process ID (pid) associated with it. When you specify a utility, caffeinate forks a process and holds an assertion that prevents sleep until that process is complete.


caffeinate requires that there be an object to run, a function does not fill this requirement.

Change your function into a shell script and it will work fine. So for your example:

sleep 2

saved into a file called mysleep and then caffeinate mysleep will work fine (so long as the file mysleep is in your system PATH.).


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