I want to transfer photos to the windows computer


You need to manually install the required driver, the Apple Mobile Device Support (or AMDS).

  1. Download the iTunes installation package from the official Apple Website.
  2. You need a program that can open a CAB file and extract contents from it. 7-zip or WinRar can do it.
  3. Inspect the content of the iTunes installer iTunes64Setup.exe (that you downloaded in step 1) with 7-zip (right click, 7-zip, Open archive). 7-zip will show the files inside that installer file.
  4. Extract AppleApplicationSupport.msi and AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi from the installer file to harddisk.
  5. Run AppleApplicationSupport.msi and then AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi.

After AppleMobileDeviceSupport64 is installed, windows should be able to detect the iDevice.



iTunes is not responsible for photo import [on either Mac or PC].

Windows can use MS Photo Gallery [or equivalent depending on your Win version] as an importer & organiser, the closest free equivalent to Apple's Photos app.

The upside is you don't have to dig around in the file system at all - which is not recommended - the app can handle it all for you.

Re pjctech's answer - idk whether that is also a required first step before my solution will work.

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