I am looking for a keyboard shortcut that selects the full line (i.e., the text of the line) of the blinking caret cursor in any editable, multi-line text field. Nothing more than just this one line should be selected.

I understand that one can use the following two keyboard shortcuts in succession to accomplish this:

shift +

shift +

However, this does not work in all applications. That is, sometimes this combo highlights the current line plus the previous line, minus the first character of the previous line.

  • Command–Left Arrow, Command–Shift–Right Arrow – user3439894 May 29 '17 at 4:31
  • Great. Do you want to post that as an answer? – rubik's sphere May 29 '17 at 6:21

To select an entire line of editable text, assuming a left justified language...

If the insertion point cursor is at the beginning of the line, press:

  • Command–Shift–Right Arrow ⌘⇧➡

If the insertion point cursor is at the end of the line, press:

  • Command–Shift–Left Arrow ⌘⇧⬅

If the insertion point cursor is at any other part of the line, press:

  • Command–Left Arrow, Command–Shift–Right Arrow ⌘⬅ ⌘⇧➡

    Note that in this previous key sequence set, that you can keep the ⌘ key pressed while pressing/releasing ⬅ then press ⇧➡ so as to eliminate pressing/releasing the ⌘ key twice.

See the Document shortcuts section in Mac keyboard shortcuts.


To move the cursor to the start/end of the line, you can use ⌘← and ⌘→.

To select whilst moving the cursor, add ⇧. You need to move the cursor to one end of the line first using ⌘← or ⌘→, then hold ⇧ and use the opposite ⌘→ or ⌘←.

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