iOS 5 has introduced the ability to create folders in the image library, and copy pictures from the camera roll to these folders.

When synced on a PC (on Windows 7), where are those pictures stored? How can they be managed on the computer?

I'd like to find them to be able to save them, and add/remove some pictures from those folders.

I know the way to add "hard" folders to the image library from the PC, but those can't be managed on the iPhone.

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The sync image location would be the same as the one you have selected as your Sync folder via iTunes Photo sync. I have also found a less complicated - drag/drop method for a two-way iPhone photo transfer between your device and the PC. It is less of a hassle since you can manage your iPhone photos, add and move them around and sync them to your PC directly from your computer.


Mine get put into my pictures folder in the same place you iPhone puts them when it asked when y plug iPhone in it should ask do you take pictures off because computer thinks my iPhone is a camera so it ask to download photos

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