Excel 2011 (for Mac) consistently crashes on certain .xlsx files, at the moment I want to print it (either directly to the printer or to PDF). With Excel 2016 (both Windows and Mac), it works fine.

The only thing I know, the Excel is created by a colleague who uses Excel for Windows.

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The Excel-worksheet probably contains an embedded OLE object. Within Excel you can check this by right clicking each "image". When the context-menu's last option is Format object, you found it.

To fix it, choose the option Save as image and choose a location and name. Then delete the object, and insert the previously saved image.

There is also another way to check for embedded objects. An .xlsx file is actually also a .zip file. You can rename the extension so you can unzip it (or use unzip filename.xlsx -d directory_to_unzip_to on the command line).

When the newly created folder contains a folder xl/embeddings, and this folder contains at least one file, the excel contains an embedded object.

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