I am "stuck" on the desktop. Clicking the dashboard icon does nothing, I cannot use the 4-finger swipe gestures to move to or view the dashboard or any application windows in fullscreen (yes, I have checked system preferences, it's on), and the function key that usually allows me to see fullscreen windows+the dashboard+other desktops does nothing. I have tried shutting my computer, quitting everything and restarting. If I open another fullscreen window, I am stuck there until I close or un-maximize it. This has happened before and it went away after a minute or two, but it's sticking around now. I have a MacBook Air running on Mac OS El Capitan.

How can I solve/prevent this problem?

UPDATE: It has started working again, but was stuck for much longer this time.

This problem is continuing off and on.


I think you have too many junk files here is what to do: 1.Delete Files you no longer need. 2.Empty Trash. Having too much junk slows down your laptop 3.Install A program that cleans your laptop

Or maybe there is a virus installed in your computer here is what you have to do: 1.Move the file you think may be causing the bug. 2.Install MacKeeper 3.Run MacKeeper and scan your pc for viruses 4.If the app found a virus delete it

so thats it thanks!


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