I recently changed my phone (it was an Android smartphone) to a new iPhone 7. I want to export and import a lot of files from my Android device to my iPhone but I do not know how to proceed. I have already tried it manually but it is a long and tiring job. What is a faster method?

  • Have you tried using Apple's "Move to iOS" app for your Android phone (available on the Google Play store) – NoahL May 23 '17 at 18:52
  • No, I have never used it. Is it a faster method ? Can you explain me how it works ? Thank you. – Gioele Perrone May 23 '17 at 18:57
  • See this post and see if it helps. – fsb May 23 '17 at 19:01

You can use Apple's official Move to iOS app, available on Google Play. This automatically moves the content you select from your Android phone to your iPhone. Install the app on your Android device and follow the instructions.

Move from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

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