According to Apple, the 60W version of Magsafe is compatible with the MBP 13" Mid 2009. However, I've read that the 85W version is also compatible and leads to faster charge times. I'll keep this short and say, is that correct? Or will it fry my Mac?

P.S - I also read that the 'T style' and 'L style' cords are interchangeable. Could someone please second that?


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    No it won't. The mac will only draw what it needs. They are interchangeable. – 1110101001 May 23 '17 at 5:29

Yes, you can charge any MacBook with a MagSafe 1 charging port with any MagSafe 1 charger.

If the charger has a higher wattage than the one that shipped with your MacBook you can use it safely.

Your MacBook may charge faster with a charger that has a higher wattage, but it won't overcharge. The MacBook's power controller handles this on its own.


Yes, you can use a T-shaped MagSafe 1 charger as well as an L-shaped MagSafe 1 charger with any MagSafe 1 compatible MacBook.

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