I'm using Finder on macOS, and one major frustration I have is the disorganized grid view that always ends up cluttered and messy until I right click and 'Clean Up by Name'.

I don't mind the grid view in itself, but I'm also fine with list view. What I want is a system where it will use list view 100% of the time, NOT on a folder-by-folder basis, which is what happens when I click on the list view icon in the title bar.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Open finder
  • Select your hard disc
  • CommandJ
  • Check the top two check boxes (Always open in list view, browse in list view)
  • Click use as defaults
  • Open Applications->Utilities->Terminal
sudo find / -name ".DS_Store"  -exec rm {} \;
  • Enter your root password, press enter
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    For anybody who is not aware, .DS_Store files are files generated by Finder to remember the view that they are opened in. In this case, they are deleted to set all folders back to the default. – brendon-ai May 22 '17 at 22:27
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    Also. Best to copy and past that line of code since it combines sudo with rm – Zach Smith Aug 21 '18 at 7:06
  • Should be enough to just do a find ~ -name ".DS_Store" -exec rm {} \; to remove .DS_Store files from your home directory. – Rhys van der Waerden Mar 8 '19 at 5:47

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