In iPhone SE Simulator (iSO 10.3, running directly), I'm going to Settings, Apple ID/iCloud and trying to enable iTunes & App Store which is Off (I was manage already to log in to Apple ID).

iPhone SE Simulator, Apple ID

When enabling, I've got the confirmation message to Set up iTunes and App Store. After Continue I'm asked for the password.

When typed password and Sign In, I've got the following error:

Could Not Sign In

There was a problem connecting to the server.

iPhone SE Simulator, Apple ID, Could Not Sign In, There was a problem connecting to the server

Why this happens and how to fix that? Or it isn't possible to use App Store within iOS Simulator?

I've internet access inside Simulator and date/time is set correctly.

When checked the HTTPS traffic via tcpdump, it is happening both ways to

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In-app purchases would be the only reason you need to sign into iTunes/App Store since you cannot download apps from the App Store in the simulator.

According to Technical Note TN2413 you cannot test in-app purchases in the simulator.

Cannot connect to iTunes Store

The "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" issue may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The sandbox may be unreachable.
  • Your app does not have a bundle version (CFBundleVersion). See Setting the Version Number and Build String for more information.
  • Your app is running in the Simulator, which does not support in-app purchase.
  • You are attempting to purchase a product that is unavailable for sale. See Query the App Store for product information before presenting your app’s store UI for more information.

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