Normally, I mount a remote drive to a directory on my Mac and it all works fine. I can open, edit and save my files in a text editor and they save back to the server, using the following to perform the mount:

sshfs root@*.*.*.*:/var/www Documents/AWS/EC2/Linode

This morning however, I get the following error:

fuse: bad mount point `Documents/AWS/EC2/Linode': Input/output error

On the terminal, I listed the content of Documents/AWS/EC2 and Linode is missing. So, I decide to recreate it but the system complains it already exists.

I'm stumped. Can anyone help, please?


I found a solution based on the following steps:

  • Find the culprit sshfs process: $ pgrep -lf sshfs

  • Kill it: $ kill -9 <pid_of_sshfs_process>

  • Force unmount the "unavailable" directory: umount -f Documents/AWS/EC2/Linode

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