I was at a point where my iPad was full on storage due to huge amount of photos and documents. It was iOS 8.3 at the time. I decided to back it up and update it to iOS 10. I connected it to my PC, backed it up and updated it. It then gave me the option to restore from the back up so I did. I activated my iPad and started using it. Everything is fine, it is faster and smoother however when I try to play videos from backed up photo album, white loading circle starts turning and does not stop. How can I fix this?

If there is any other way to get videos from the backup file I could do that too.


You have iCloud Photo Library'a memory saving feature activated, and either is your Internet extremely slow or you're experiencing a bug, to fix the bug restart your device.

To deactivate the memory saving feature in photos: Settings->Photos & camera -> Save and Store originals (or some synonym for it) This requires you have enough free space on your device for all your pictures

Information from Apple's support page: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204264

  • In Photos and Camera the Download and Keep Originals option was already checked and it was last updated now. About the free space, it seems to have 5 GB's of available space. Concerning the Internet speed, it is 20Mbps download, 5 upload and 11 ms ping as much as I can see from Ookla. I still couldn't find the problem. – KeithN May 19 '17 at 6:05

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