I asked Siri to remind me to purchase some personal items at the pharmacy, and right at that time the reminder appeared, I got an awkward phone call from a family member asking me why my reminders appeared on their phone.

I discovered this when I opened "reminders" on the Mac. Somehow the only reminder list I have is "Family". That means every alert I had appeared on their devices. every.one.

Besides being exposed to a complete lack of privacy, how can I stop default reminders, of any source, from appearing on the family iCloud group?

Examples: Email, calendar, events, etc

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SettingsRemindersDefault List. This is where you can choose the list you wish to store reminders when you don't specify a location at the time of creating the reminder.

  • "Remind me to …" uses the list you select as the Default List in Settings.
  • "Add … to my … list" uses the list mentioned in that specific Siri command.
  • Mac is defaulted to "All Reminders" ... will see what phone is once it's booted up. May 18, 2017 at 20:32

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