I have a Mac mini server with Yosemite, and I plugged a VGA Display using a VGA/HDMI adapter.

The issue is, when I shut down or restart the server, the display is not recognized, then I need to go to unplug and plug again, and server now recognizes the display.

I need to know how to make a logical "reconnection" for the adapter.

For example on Windows I use a devcom application to enable or disable the devices.

I was reading that the possible solution is using a kextunload command on terminal.

I don't know which kextfile I need to "unload" for the HDMI adapter.

On terminal:


kextunload exampleflile.kext

kextload examplefile.kext

Anybody have an idea about my issue? Another way to solve it?

Thanks in advance

Greetings from Mexico.

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You most likely need an active HDMI to VGA adapter. There is a bunch of signaling conversion that goes on with an adapter, especially when it goes from digital (HDMI) to analog (VGA). An active adapter will reformat the signals so it's a true VGA signal rather than just supply the correct pin outs.

Take a look at this answer, Passive vs. Active adapters - I talk about the difference and why it's important.

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