I have a playlist that I sync between iTunes and my iPhone on iOS 10.3.1. Sometimes I see that a playlist gets duplicated with the number 1 after the name. I want to delete the duplicated playlist from my iPhone, but I get a concerning dialog, asking if I want to remove downloads ore remove the playlist from the library.

I'm not quite sure what it's asking. Can someone explain this? Any downloaded songs from iTunes I want to stay on the phone as part of the original playlist and in general, but I want that second playlist itself to disappear.

remove playlist dialog


Remove Downloads will leave the playlist in your library, but remove the music files associated with the songs in that playlist from your phone, thus freeing up storage. It's a quick method to bulk-remove songs from your phone.

Delete from Library will remove the playlist itself from your media library (including iCloud Music Library if you use iTunes Match or ´ú┐MUSIC). However whatever music files you've already downloaded will remain on your phone.

In your case, you should Delete from Library if you are certain the playlist is a duplicate.

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