I have a MacBook Pro. I can make screenshots. It lands on the desktop. By opening the context menu I can press the Share button.

Is it possible to add some button which will share the image on some image hosting? For example, I had Gyazo on Windows and now I use Lightshot. I can select region of my screen and picture immediately hosts on the server and link to the image is in my buffer.

I mean this menu:

Is this possible on Mac?


You can use ImageShareUr which adds a share extension for uploading to Imgur.

Choose More to enable the extension for the first use, then you can select an image and choose Share → Upload to Imgur and follow the instructions.


Despite the author's message on the page that it doesn't work in Sierra, I've just tried it on 10.12.4 and it works great.


ImageShareUr seems to have been abandoned, and the simplicate website is offline. (Though you can still get a copy of the app from the WayBackMachine.)

I found another software called imGuru which is for free on the AppStore. However, the app fails to copy the image URL to the clipboard on my system, and it doesn't support anonymous upload like ImageShareUr does (did), which I always thought was a great feature.

Another app is iPic, also for free on the MAS, but you need to buy the Pro license (in-app purchase) to get imgur support. Downsides: doesn't support anonymous upload either, and it's not available via the "Share" menu.

Still looking for a good replacement for ImageShareUr with free imgur support, anonymous uploading, and "Share" menu integration.

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