I've moved from PC to Mac and I'm used to pressing Shift + Ctrl, while on Mac I have to press Ctrl + Space. This is a bit frustrating (probably because I've only used it for 2 days), so I opened System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts and tried to change the shortcut to Shift + Command and for some reason it refuses to change.

I tried to test some other shortcuts such as Command + Z and it works fine. I'd still like to change it to Shift + Command. Is there a way I can achieve this?

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    I don't think so, these are two modifier keys and are used in other shortcuts. For example cmd + shift + tab. – Mateusz Szlosek May 10 '17 at 7:53

With macOS' system shortcuts you can't set keyboards shortcuts solely using modifier keys.

You need to specify an additional (non-modifier) key for macOS to accept and save your shortcut.

Sierra does have an extra setting (in system prefs/keyboard/input sources) for switching between certain keyboards via Caps Lock alone, but that does not help solve your problem.

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  • @TomGewecke True. It still does not map the shortcut to Shift + Cmd, as requested by OP, though. – oa- May 10 '17 at 13:07

With freshest version (11.4.0 at 13.12.2017) of Karabiner Elements and Cmd + e for previous language source:

enter image description here

You can put this json gist to ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/<filename>.json, add gist rule in Karabiner Elements Preferences -> Complex Modifications -> Rules -> Add rule and Enable Languages -> Command + Shift to Command + e.

enter image description here

This will remap Cmd + Shift to Cmd + e and you can change language source by Cmd + Shift.

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  • Does not work in Catalina, unfortunately. – mikhailian Mar 9 at 18:47
  • worked for me Catalina 10.15.3, thank you! – serg Mar 16 at 12:12
  • Works on MacOs Mojave But it breaks command+shift+t in Chrome. – Mohamed Apr 17 at 11:02

Punto Switcher can do it. This utility helps with language auto toggling but you can disable this behaviour and just set desired key binding. I think it doesn't have UI other than Russian, but you will surely be able to configure it intuitively.

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The best way to change the way to shift between languages from the default is as follows:

Open System Preferences and tap Keyboard: Press Keyboard from System Preferences

Then tap Shortcuts, then from the side list tap "Input Sources", then "Select Next Source": ShortCuts > Input Sources > "select next source"

*Note you will have to choose something like CNTRL-SHIFT-1 or another key combo than shift-space, but you can play around with it and find a combo that works for you.

Edit: If you want to do what you want by only pressing control shift, you might be able to do that by creating an applescript which toggles the languages and using a 3rd party hot key app on the appstore. I don't advise this, but it would be conceivably possible. For the sake of convenience, I have attached such an applescript that you can use for this purpose where if you map say control shift to this applescript, it will execute the CMD space code (or you can change it another code which doesn't conflict with spotlight (my personal recommendation):

tell application id "com.apple.systemevents"
keystroke (key code 49 using command down)
end tell
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  • You should delete this answer, as it makes it look like you did not read the question, and also that you do not understand the issue. The poster says he already did what you suggest but it did not work. It did not work because the Red Text in your answer is WRONG. You cannot press any key combo you want -- some, like the one mentioned by the poster in his subject line, do not work. So your answer is both mistaken and unhelpful. – Tom Gewecke May 10 '17 at 14:58
  • You should still delete all of your answer except for the Edit, as it is just wrong (red text) and useless (since the poster had already tried it). – Tom Gewecke May 13 '17 at 15:37

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