I am looking for a program running on Mac OS X that allows the user to auto-complete words in any program.

For example, if the user types soft, the program could suggest software or soften in a dropbown menu, similarly to the auto-completion feature present in most IDEs:

enter image description here


  • the program should allow the user to view the auto-completion options by using a keyboard shortcut.
  • the options given by the program are listed by likelihood (e.g., using some language model)
  • the program could be disabled in some programs.

Any price or license is fine.

I have crossposted the question at:


The Touch Bar integrates word prediction similar to iOS, which provides you with three word suggestions as you type. Tap a word to insert it. The more you type, the more the words filter. The screenshot shows when a new sentence is being started — type and the predictions finish your word.

Use the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro

  • Touch Bar word prediction is available by choosing View → Customise Touch Bar and enabling "Show typing suggestions" if they are not already available.

  • The options are listed with the most commonly used word in the middle and other common alternatives either side.

  • You can disable word prediction by tapping the › button on the left of the suggestions.

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