I get the above error message when trying to sign in to my Apple ID when trying to do a fresh install of OSX on my mac mini. It is an old version of OSX (Mavericks).

Seems to be very little info on the web about this error in this situation in particular.


Mavericks does not support asking for two-factor authentication. However, you don't need to disable two-factor authentication to log in to services which don't support it.

  1. Attempt to log in as usual. You will receive an error message which may vary depending on the service and version of OS you are using.
  2. Choose to allow the login on another device and note the code given.
  3. Append the code to your password, then log in again.
  • ah that is useful to know! much better solution – Fonix May 9 '17 at 11:28

I seemed to get this error because the mavericks Apple ID sign in popup doesn't know how to handle 2 factor authentication that is associated with my Apple ID. All you need to do is temporarily disable 2FA by signing in here and under the security section click edit and disable 2FA from there.

It's advisable to reactivate 2FA once you are done setting everything up and updated.


No need to turn off 2FA. Just insert the six numbers on the end of the password (no space) that you get from Apple on your iPhone (or other Apple Device); and that will allow you to confirm you're the one logging in to your ancient OS that can't handle 2FA properly.

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    How is this different from the accepted answer posted 2 days ago? – fsb May 10 '17 at 20:48

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