I purchased a new MBP and am eligible for their free Lion upgrade program; I applied for it but it would take anywhere between 5-7 business days for my country. If I purchase Lion now, will I get a refund after entering update code into iTunes?

  • If you purchased a Mac after July 20th, 2011 it already comes with OS X Lion. You say you purchased your new Mac on the 16th of October, 2011? It definitely should come with Lion. Where did you buy this Mac? – user10355 Oct 18 '11 at 23:22

Probably not, but you should contact Apple in your country to get a definitive answer.

  • I don't have a proper support program in my country , just email address who will get back to me after several days. – Vaibhav Mishra Oct 18 '11 at 22:50
  • I'd say that's your best option, then. I have no idea how Apple's UTD program is set up, but it's safer to not go buying stuff when you're not certain you'll get a refund. – CajunLuke Oct 18 '11 at 23:23
  • I bought it anyway, will update this answer afterwards if I get a refund – Vaibhav Mishra Oct 18 '11 at 23:57
  • When you know if you're getting a refund, add your own answer and accept it. It may also be useful to mention what country you're in so future searchers have a better idea of what to expect. Good luck! – CajunLuke Oct 19 '11 at 0:09
  • sure , I will do it. – Vaibhav Mishra Oct 19 '11 at 0:11

I got confirmation of refund from apple and it seems that this is possible to do if you explain your situation well enough.

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