Substitute formula is substitute(cell to focus on, text to replace, text that replaces it). 2nd and 3rd inputs need to be in quotations it seems to get the function to work.

So how would you substitute a single quotation mark in a cell.

None of the following work:

=substitute(A1,&char(32), "%22C")

Any ideas?

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  • This question is a "I'm using mac:office 2011 and have a problem with an Excel formula" away from being perfectly on topic. And it got an valid answer already. I don't see a reason to close or migrate it.
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& is for concatenation, but you're not concatenating, so it should be omitted.
CHAR(34), not 32, is the double quote character.

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    I think it would be a better fit there, for sure. Lots of Excel questions on there.
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  • Also, =substitute(A1,"""","%22C") """" backs out a single ". May 6 '17 at 19:15

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