Using the Apple Watch, what is the fastest way to adjust the volume of the iPhone?

Two assumptions/criteria:

  • When you raise your wrist, the view on the Apple Watch from your wrist, should be the watch face view; not the last view used.
  • Audio playing on the iPhone is coming from any iOS app; not just Apple's Music app.

The fastest way I currently know of (by my expectations neither fast nor nimble) is to open the Dock by pressing the Dock button; navigate to the "Now Playing" view with the Digital Crown (having ordered that view near the bottom of the Dock list); and when the "Now Playing" view is active adjust the volume with the Digital Crown.

Unfortunately, "Now Playing" is not a proper watchOS application, and therefore cannot be brought up by double-pressing the Digital Crown, assuming it would've been the last app used.

I'm wondering if there is a quick way to adjust iPhone volume from the Apple Watch, using a keypress combination or something else.

I guess one option could be to tell Siri to "lower volume by 10 %", but I find Siri control quite tedious, and it will interrupt current playback. Issuing a percentage change is ironically also a very discrete action, because it cannot be fine-tuned without having to issue a new voice command.

  • Er, in my experience Now Playing, if it is the most recently active app, can be brought up by double-clicking the crown... Regardless, have you considered adding it as a complication? That would make three steps for volume adjustment: wake watch, tap complication, turn digital crown. – Merlin May 5 '17 at 6:24
  • @Merlin Have you really tried double-tapping the Crown? Because it doesn't work for me for Now Playing. Furthermore, there's no Complication for it. – Winterflags May 5 '17 at 6:26
  • Ah, there's the problem: I almost never play media on my iPhone other than through the Music app, so I conflated Now Playing with Music's currently-playing view (which is pulled up by default through the Music complication or Crown double-click.) You are correct, my mistake! – Merlin May 6 '17 at 6:44

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