As title, how can I change the default domain suffix to .com for my iPad Pro on screen keyboard (Safari browser) as shown below? Because I use the suffix .com more than other domain suffix. Every time I type the URL, I required to hold the .co.uk key in order to get .com which is quite inconvenient. I try google search but I didn't get any related result. Any solution? Sorry for my bad English.

Here are some additional information of my device

  1. iPad Pro 12.9 inches
  2. Version 10.0.2
  3. iPad Language : English (U.K.)
  4. Region : Malaysia
  5. Keyboard : English (UK) QWERTY
  6. Application : Safari Browser

ios keyborad

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It's defined by the keyboard locale you select. It can't be changed independently of this. The .com TLD is used on the US keyboard. To change to a US keyboard, go to Settings → Keyboards → Keyboards → Add New Keyboard → English, then use the globe button to switch keyboards.

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